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Financial Freedom, What that means to you?

Hey, thanks for stopping by!! Welcome to the New Business, New Rules blog and around here, we mean just that!! For years some of us have been passed down resources, misinformation and just overall POOR money management skills. So it's time for new business and new rules to go along with that. It wasn't soon after I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Accounting that I realized, after all this learning accounting methods for corporations, finding my love for depreciation methods (ha, sike unless it's straight line), and the favorite term we've all heard at one time or another "balancing the books" I couldn't even manage my own personal finances. Not to mention the stigma that all accountants have poor finances, I was on a quest to get to the bottom of what I didn't know about money and how to not only make it stick around but make it compound (yeahhhh, that's my rapper side lol.) If you're someone that is once like I was, financ

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